Sunday, 23 February 2014

SHISEIDO Perfect Rouge Lipstick Review

Hi everyone :) 

Today I'm reviewing Perfect Rouge Lipstick in shade RS 711 Venetian Rose by Shiseido!. 

It's the prettiest pearly cherry colour. It's not the brightest colour so it doesn't look too extreme on lips. It makes me feel very chic and classy, and it's not the lipstick colour, I usually go for, as I would think that, this colour is too dark for my skin tone, but when I first tried it I thought it's a perfect lipstick for me. Makes me look more mature as well, and I'm really in love with it, could wear it everyday!
It's pretty glossy and super moisturizing as well. It moisturizes my lips better than some of the proper lip balms, which is pretty weird and I think I should invest in better lip balms...

I love the packaging as well, it's pretty curvy, and it's adorable.
I recommend this lipstick to everyone, as I think this colour will look great on everyone.
Shiseido isn't the cheapest make up brand, but it's absolutely amazing, and if you want a good lipstick then definitely try some Shiseido ones. I bet you will fall in love with it ones you try it.

You can buy the lipstick here in House of Fraser for £22.

If you have ever tried any Shiseido products then tell me in comments below. 
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Kinia xoxo