Sunday, 31 August 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick | Review

Hi guys!
The weather outside might be cold and rainy but we still have a calendar summer, so let's hope the real, hot summer will come back to us, that's why I'm reviewing an amazing lip product, that couldn't remind me more of summer!
It's a Color Sensational Popstick from Maybelline. Mine is in colour Cherry Pop, which is just a perfect name choice for a summer lip product! It's a fantastic tinted lip balm, very light and soft on lips. I like this product so much because you can build it up on lips, with each layer the colour will look a bit stronger, more pigmented, yet still juicy looking! It reminds me of a sorbet and everyone I show this lip balm to, say how much they just want to eat it! Even though the colour of it may suggest to you it will look red on lips, it won't. It's a red-toned orange colour, and the more layers of it you put on the lips, the more orange it will look. When I first tried it, I thought that tinted lip balm, wouldn't stay on the lips for too long, and I would have to re-apply it every hour, but it's a long lasting product, and the colour looks very strong even after a few hours! You might want to re-applying it all the time, just like I do, because it feels amazing on the lips, and smells oh, so nice and sweet, but you don't really have to.  I couldn't resist buying this product, and I'm sure if you ever see it in the shop, you would buy it as well! 
There are 5 colours available in this collection, including the Cherry Pop one that I have. All of them look look amazing, and each costs only £7.20 and you can buy it here.

Kinia xoxo

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Weekend #OOTD

Hi everyone! How's your weekend? 
It's my last two days off before I have to go back to work after a super long holiday, which I really enjoyed! I live on a seaside, so there's nothing better than just going for a nice, long walk by the beach...even though we're having a typical English summer over here, and it's been very windy today, but I really did enjoy the nice walk. 
How do you guys like to spend your free time?
If you like my #OOTD posts then tell me in comments, and I might do some more, also if you enjoy reading my blog, then please give it a follow!

Hand bag - £65 Dune
Top - £12 ASOS
Sandals - £7.99 New Look

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mini Beauty Bundle Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
To brighten up your Sunday, I have a little giveaway for you! There's something for body, hair and face. Entering it couldn't be easier. Just enter via Rafflecopter below and don't forget to tell your friends about my giveaway!
The winner will get : 
St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse
* St. Moriz Instant Body Tan Wash Off 
Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray
Mii Cosmetics Dreamy Duo Cheek Colour - (01) Sweetheart

The giveaway closes at midnight, August 31st.
There will be one winner, who will win the whole prize, worth £35!
Open to residents of UK only!

Have a fantastic day! :)
Kinia xoxo

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

e.l.f. Purple Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! On Monday, while just messing with my e.l.f. palettes and playing with makeup, I created an easy purple makeup, and everyone seemed to be loving it. I wanted you to see how to create eyes like that, so I did this makeup again, and took some pictures for you. 
To created this eye makeup I used :
I used only 4 colours of these two palettes. Purple and dark silver from The Baked Palette and the lightest and the brightest yellows from The Little Black Beauty Book.
Step 1. What I did first was applying (any) white eyeshadow on my eyelid where I would be later applying my other eyeshadows, just to use it as a base and make the colours look brighter . You don't need to do it, it's totally up to you. Next I applied the dark silver eyeshadow in the crease of the eye. Don't apply it in the whole crease, leave the inner corner of the eye without eyeshadow. Use more layers of this eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye as we want it to be the darkest part. Make sure to blend it in with a clean brush. 
Step 2 & 3. I find the best way to apply the next eye shadow is to use a sponge applicator as it doesn't smudge the eyeshadow too much, and therefore makes the colour look brighter. So first, apply the purple eyeshadow in the inner and outer corner of the eye, just below the crease, and also draw a line at the bottom of your eye with the same eyeshadow, just make sure the line is not too thick. Don't apply the purple colour in the middle of the eyelid as we will now apply the brightest yellow there. And again, make sure to blend it in, we don't want to see any lines.
Step 4. It's time to draw a winged eyeliner! It couldn't be easier. The best way to do it is to always draw it with your eyes open! Start with drawing a super thin line in the inner corner, but make sure to scrape off any excess eyeliner as we want to draw a very thin line! Next draw the line wider just before the middle of the eye. (That will make your eyes look bigger!). Continue drawing it with the same width to the outer corner. Now just make a straight line from the outer corner of your eye. You can make it as long as you as want your "flick" to be. Make a joined curved line between the both lines. Tah-Dah. You just made a perfect winged eyeliner!
Step 5 & 6. Last two steps are super easy. All you have to do is apply mascara and use a little brush to apply the lightest yellow from The Little Black Beauty Book in the inner corner of the eye and apply a little on the upper and lower eyelids just by the inner corner. You can also use the same colour on the brow bow, to brighten up your eyes.
That's how I created my purple eyes look! If you like the finish effect and my tutorial then comment on this post and follow my blog if you haven't done it already:)
Kinia xoxo

Monday, 4 August 2014

My favourite (Cruelty-Free) hair products!

Today I want to show you my favourite hair products, that I've been loving lately.
I use them on daily basis, and could not go days without using them.
I also want to mention that all these products that I'm going to show you in today's post are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! I've always been a huge animal lover but never really been doing too much research on products that I buy, and whether they're Cruelty-Free or not, but I want to start buying more Cruelty-Free products and I also hope that more people will be more aware of what they buy, and how those products are made. 

1. & 2. Shall we start with the list of my favourite hair products then?
First 3 products are from Lee Stafford's Frizz Off collection! (Unfortunately I used the whole bottle of shampoo from this range and forgot I wanted to review it, and I threw it away, so I couldn't take a picture of it, but it looks just like the conditioner.) There's one more product in this collection which I have not tried, and it's a Keratin Blow Dry Smoothing Spray. 
I'm in love with this range! I usually win so many different hair products that I never re-purchase any, cause I just have so many more to use, but this this one I just know that I will definitely buy it again! It smooths my hair, and gets rid of the frizz like no other hair products! Hair smoothing products can often flatten your hair and make then look greasy, which I doubt any girl would want. Not those products! They make the hair incredibly smooth, yet not flat or greasy which makes the hair look very healthy and silky! You might want to know how to use the Frizz Off Treatment. You use it in between the shampoo and conditioner. Leave it for 5 minutes after shampooing and then just rinse it out and use a conditioner.It takes a little time to do your hair, but so worth it! Your hair will look amazing! The whole collection is a bit pricey, but if you do care for your hair, and want them to be very moisturised as well, then it's worth it's price!

3. Brushing my towel dry hair before blow drying it, is always a struggle for me. My hair is damaged from always colouring it and straightening it with hair straighteners, so I have to be extra careful not to damage my hair even more while brushing it. My towel-dry hair is always pretty tangled no matter what hair products I use to wash it. This Detangling Spray by Balmain is a fantastic product! Use it on towel-dry hair, and when applying it, hold the spray 4-6 inches (10-15cm) away from the scalp. It's non greasy, also minimize the frizz, protects from heat and also preserves the colour. This spray works amazing and it's easy for me to brush my hair now, it's not a struggle anymore, and my hair doesn't break in half and fall all over my clothes anymore! If your hair is very damaged then you know what I'm talking about. It's so easy to use and it takes only 3 seconds. Fantastic product! 

4. Next product in my favorites is Heat Protection Mist from Toni & Guy, which is is perfect for me, because as I said before I blow dry my hair and use hair straightener all the time so my hair needs a good protection! I also like that it makes my hair non-static! It's such a light product, but don't over use it, you don't need too much of it on your hair to make it work, as it really works great! It's as easy to use as the Detangling Spray from Belmain! The bottle also have a smart lock-unlock feature, so you can put it in your bag, and it won't spill! My hair looks so much better since I started using this product! 

5. Last but not least is my favorite product! I've never tried anything like that before! It's a Incredible Body Volume Mousse for Big Hair by Umberto Giannini. Apply it to roots and lengths of towel-dry hair, and to make sure the hair will be even bigger, just dry it upside down! It won't leave your hair looking like afro but it will be big! My hair's usually super flat, but this product brings it back to life and gives more volume to it! When you first apply it, it fizzes bigger and gets more mousse consistency! Such a fun product! It says in my hair for many hours! I'd say, even all day! Make sure not to apply to much of it, because your hair might get too heavy! Such an affordable product as well! I definitely recommend it! 

That's it! These were my 5 favorite hair products that I just love, love, love! 
Is your favorite on the list as well? Tell me in comments...and don't forget to follow my blog if you enjoy reading it.
Kinia xoxo