Thursday, 26 June 2014

Let's talk make-up removing routine! | Liz Earle

Let's talk make-up removing routine!

I'm guilty of using a lot of make-up wipes which most of beauty bloggers hate with passion. I also use cleansing milk with cotton pads. 
I must admit that removing make up with wipes make my skin feel very irritated and sore. Even though it's an easy and fast process I feel like wipes don't do any good to my skin.
Cleansing milk and cotton pads that I sometimes use, feel nice on my skin but they don't remove all my make-up and dead skin no matter how long I clean it for.
Not being happy with the make-up cleansers I have been using before, I was really excited to finally try something different.
Liz Earle "Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser" is an award winner, soft cleansing cream which comes with a quite big white cloth. Using it couldn't be any easier and more relaxing. All you need to do is gently massage the cream over your face and neck, and when you're done, just rinse the cloth in a warm/hand-hot water and polish the cream off your face using the cloth. I find this process very calming and relaxing. I think that the hot cloth is the reason why. It makes my skin instantly smooth and I really like how good my skin feels in the morning! It's smooth, moisturised and looks very refreshed and awakened. No more irritated and sore skin which was making my face look red, and tired therefore I didn't feel confident without makeup! Now, I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. I'm really happy with this products, and I think I might purchase a bigger bottle of it, and throw away the wipes.
The 50ml bottle that I have + the cloth costs only £9.25, so it's very affordable. 
If you've never tried it before you can get a small 15ml tube that comes with a cloth as well and it's only for £3.25. There's a lot more bottle sizes to choose from. Just have a look at their website here and pick the one for you.

What do you girls use to remove your make-up??

Kinia xoxo

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Hi lovelies! 

As much as I love being surrounded by colours, and love all the bright colour makeups, my makeup is usually in nude tones. I love wearing a nice bright lipstick on special occasions but with my everyday makeup I go for a nude one. Nude lips also make my eyes pop, which I love!
Last time I went shopping, I was looking for a new lip crayon to buy (I'm obsessed with them lately) and I also wanted to get a new, nude lippy, so then I noticed this cute City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color from New York Color, and I got one in shade "Nolita Neautral (010)". I thought the colour would be much brighter than it actually is. On the packaging it says that it's an "Intense Lip Color" which I'm gonna disagree with. It's a great colour but it's definitely not intense. Although I haven't tried the other shades, which might be more intense then the nude one, so I would love to try the other colours to compare with the one I have. This lip colour makes the lips look very subtle but don't expect it to be super pigmented because it's not. I still like it, and it looks super nice with a nude lipgloss on.
I love lip crayons because they're super handy and they always feel very soft on lips, just like this one. 
The NYC Intense Lip Color comes in 9 shades. You can choose from a light nude ones, to orange one, to even dark reds and plums. They cost only £3.49 so they're very affordable. I'm planning to get all the nude ones ;) 

Kinia xoxo

Friday, 6 June 2014

Rimmel - Colour Rush

Last time I went shopping, I seen that amazing lip crayon. It caught my eye because it looked super cute and the colour was just amazing. It's a Lasting Finish Colour Rash Balm from Rita Ora's collection for Rimmel LondonThere are 5 colours available in this collection, all of them are amazing, so it was hard for me to make the decision, but I've finally picked up the brightest pink one in shade "I want candy!".
I'm a big fan of lip crayons as they look very pretty and they're super handy as well.
The colour of this lipstick is absolutely stunning, and it's as bright as you can see in the pictures.
It's easy to apply and it lasts for ages! The first time I was wearing this lipstick, I thought that if I'm gonna eat or drink something, the whole colour will fade and I will have to re-apply it. Well, I was wrong. The colour looked perfect, it lasted all day, even after eating and drinking. It wasn't as glossy as before, even though it's not a super glossy lipstick, but the colour was still as bright and perfect as it was when I first applied it.  As it's a very bright lipstick, I don't wear it everyday, but if I still want to wear it put just a bit of it on my lips and put a nice pearly lipstick on top of it. It makes a perfect pastel pink colour and looks very subtle.
I don't mind re-applying lipsticks, but it's amazing when you can just eat with the lipstick on and not worrying about re-applying it. I'm really impressed with this lipstick and would recommend it to everyone who's looking for a bright, soft lipstick that will last all day!

Get the Rimmel Colour Rush balm in "I want candy!" here for only £5.99.

Kinia xoxo

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Carmex - lips savior

I use lip balms, lip oils etc. quite a lot, as I can't stand my lips being dry or chapped. 
I have used many different lip balms in my life. Recently I've tried lip balm by Carmex, which is a brand that makes lip care and skin care products (Would love to try them all). 
The lip balms come in a little, yellow pot.
I must say, that the first time I tried it, I wasn't sure if I liked how it felt on my lips. It's because it smells and feels like the Vicks Rub! After couple of days of using it, I got used to it and now I actually like that feeling. It's transparent on lips but makes them look super smooth!! It's also available in cherry flavor, which I'd love to try.
I got 6 of them, and take them with me everywhere I go, I keep some at home and in my hand bags. I'm really happy with it, and I think it's the best lip balm I've ever used. I've reviewed a nice lip oil a while ago, and I thought it was great (still is) but this Carmex lip balms works even better!
It doesn't only work when it's on my lips. It also prevents my lips from being dry and chapped. 
It works absolutely fantastic!
This one is a Healing lip balm, but Carmex also sells Smoothing, Ultra Smooth,  and Protecting ones and they also sell tinted moisturisers. They all come in a stick, which some of you might like better, as you wouldn't have to use your fingers to apply it. They also are flavored. 
The Classic Carmex lip balm, costs only £2.60 and you can purchase it and the other lip care products here.

Kinia xoxo