Sunday, 30 March 2014

Nail Art


I usually don't do anything crazy with my nails, I just paint it one colour, but I've won some Nail Art Kit from Bourjois, and I thought I could try it.
I think it's pretty easy to do. 
First I paint my nails in one colour, and for that I used a gorgeous nude colour called "Jelly Rude Nude" by Bad Apple. It's a nice pearly colour.
Next I used the triangle stickers and paint over it with the cute pink colour called "Jelly Pink Apple" and it's also by Bad Apple.
Just paint over it and take off right after.
Next I stuck the silver stripes on the edges of the triangle. 
The silver stripe is super long, and it's gonna last you forever.
Next, I just put the cute bow stickers on top of the triangle, and paint over it with the top coat from Collection.
Tah-Dahh! The nails are done! I think it looks pretty good, considering it was the first time I did something like that on my nails.
Tell me what you think, in the comments :)

Nail Art Kit - £3.99
Jelly Rude Nude - £6.95
Top Coat - £2.99

Kinia xoxo

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Spring Must Have

        We're finally in the spring season! So it's time to pop a nice lipstick on, and what's the best lipstick colour for this spring/summer? Orange!
So today I'm reviewing orange NV lipstick called "Flamenco"
When I think of Flamenco, I think of a red colour not orange, 
but's a nice name for a lipstick, so why not name it like that. 
      Anyways, the colour is super super pretty! I like that it's not too bright. It's a nice pastel orange color,  and I'm very into pastels so I love it!  It lasts pretty long as well. I would say it's a creamy lipstick, and very moisurising. It looks gorgeous on lips! I've always wanted to try an orange lipstick, but I wasn't sure how it would look on me.
Everyone would look great in it, but I think orange lipsticks goes the best with pale skin, that's why I like orange colour so much, cause it just looks the best on me, at least I think so :).
      If you're looking for a nice orange lipstick, but you're scared that it might be too bright on you, and you don't want the colour to be too extreme, then I recommend you this one! 
P.S. Wearing it with a light lip butter or a lipgloss will make it look more subtle.

You can get it here for only £6.00!

Kinia xoxo

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

DGJ Organics


Today I'm gonna review Argan Oil hair products by DGJ Organics.
I've never tried any of their products before, but I'm a huge fan of argan oils and when I seen that they have argan oils in, I just knew I would love it!

DGJ Organics have a lot of different ranges of organic products, which I would love to try!

First I tried the conditioner when I ran out of my other one. I used it with my other shampoo, and I already seen a difference!
My hair felt very smooth, so I couldn't wait to use the shampoo and the Berutti Oil as well.
I've been using them for a couple days now, and I have to say that my hair feels so much nicer now. I reviewed other shampoo/conditioner on my blog, and at that time I thought that no other hair products can make my hair feel that great, until I tried these products, which are absolutely amazing! I was amazed how good they work! I dye my hair a lot, so it's very damaged, but these products repair it, and my hair feels so much lighter now!
It doesn't look so damaged anymore either, and it feels so nice and soft and smells really good!
The consistency might be thin, but you don't have to use a lot of it thinking it's not gonna work, because there's not much of it. Don't worry, it works fantastic.
The packaging is super cute and handy as well
I think it just became my favorite hair products!

Berutti Oil - £7.99
Argan Oil Shampoo - £5.99  

Kinia xoxo

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Well, hello there Spring

Happy first day of Spring everyone!! :)

I am super happy that it's finally spring time! Even though it's only calendar one, because it's still very grey outside..but hopefully the weather will change soon.
Can't wait for the moment when I can go outside without wearing a warm coat!

Spring is such a happy season, so it's all about the bright, happy and positive colours.
One of my favorite trends for this season is orange lipstick!
I have one, I love it and I will be wearing it all the time.
I'm going to do a review about it soon :)
I feel like Spring is all about being natural, 
so don't put layers of make up on just a bit of colour on 
the cheeks and lips and you will look great!

What are you excited for this spring?

Kinia xoxo

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tanya Burr Lips&Nails review

Hello my beauties :)

I'm so happy that I can review couple products from Tanya Burr's Lips & Nails collection as I'm a huge fan of Tanya! I'm pretty sure many people know who Tanya is, if you don't then I'm going to tell you quickly. She is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger/YouTuber. She makes amazing make up tutorials on YouTube, you should check out her channel here, you won't regret it :)

 When I found out that she would have her own collection of nail varnishes, and lip glosses, I really wanted to get at least one each, and luckily I won it from LMFLMF's twitter competition. YEY! 
I won the nail varnish called New York Night 
Lipgloss called Smile, Dream, Sparkle.
You can find all of her products at LMFLMF site here : Nail Varnishes & Lip Glosses.

What I like about this collection is that it's super girly, the colours are amazing, and very bright, and positive, and the thing that I love a lot about it..the names of the products : Little Duck, Aurora, Champagne Toast, Afternoon Tea, Riding Hood...They are just the cutest, aren't they?

The New York Night nail varnish is super dark plum colour. It's very chic and so so pretty! The name is so perfect as well as I love New York! If I was going on a dinner date in New York, then I would definitely paint my nails this colour :)
 In a description at LMFLMF page, it says it's a long lasting nail varnish. I've had it on since yesterday so I can't really tell if it is yet, but I believe it is long lasting, as it still looks perfect on my nails.

The Smile, Dream, Sparkle lipstick looks purpely on the website, but it's a cute, sparkly pink lipgloss, that will make you dream and smile ;)
It's super girly, and I think every girl should have it in their make up collection. It looks very neutral on lips, a bit pearly and very shimmery. The good thing is that this lip gloss is not sticky at all. Just a perfect every day lipgloss really.
The applicator is very soft and nice on lips, I really like it. 

I wish I could buy every single nail varnish and lip gloss from Tanya's collection, because they're all fantastic and very good quality!
If you haven't bought it yet, then I recommend to go on the LMFLMF website and purchase some, because they're fantastic!

Have any of you tried Tanya's products yet ? 

Kinia xoxo

Friday, 7 March 2014

Busy Bee Candles


About a month ago I've won these Magik Beanz by Busy Bee Candles.
Everyone was talking about the Busy Bee Candles, and I've always wanted to try them, so I was super happy that I won them.
I thought they would smell nice, but when I received them, I instantly fell in love with them.
Wish you could smell these amazing beenz from my pictures, cause they smell unbelievable!
So basically, Magik Beanz are tiny, colorful, scented beans that you put into the candle burner, and they melt and make the whole room smell gorgeous.
The candle burner is from the Busy Bee Candles as well.

I got 5 scents : 
*Lilac Mist
*Rose Petals
*Baby Powder
*Bite Me
*Fruit Cocktail.

Take a look at their site here, and you will see how you can mix the scents together, and they have absolutely huge amount of scents, I wish I could try them all!
My favorite scent far, is the Fruit Cocktail!
It's amazingly sweet and fruity. Bite Me one is amazing as well, it smells so nice that you just want to bite it/eat it, it kind of smells like Skittles! It smells so gorgeous!
They're smell very strong, and that's why I love it.
It says on their website to put 5 in the candle burner, but I always put only 2-3 and it smells amazing as well!
I don't put too many in it, cause I don't want to waste them too quickly.
You can buy Busy Bee hampers as well, there's so much choice! 

Have any of you tried Busy Bee Candles before ? 

Kinia xoxo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Figs & Rouge Lip Butter

Hello my beauties!

The weather outside is gorgeous, and its almost spring time, which I'm super excited for, that's why today I want to show you one of my favourite spring products!
It really does remind me of spring, cause the packaging just screams of spring with all the beautiful flowers and the colours on it and it looks so much like a flower field :)
It's a Rose Berry lip butter by Figs & Rogue !
It smells super sweet, and it smells more like a berry than rose, and it's a lovely pearly colour, it looks neutral on lips. 
You can buy it from Feel Unique website here for £4.95, and I'm going to be isn't the cheapest lip butter, but if you like it and you don't care about the price then go for it, cause it's really cute!

Kinia xoxo

Monday, 3 March 2014

Melvita Roll On Argan Oil review

I've used many lip products like lip balms, lip oils and lip butters.. products that supposed to make lips softer, heal lips if they're chapped, and moisturize them, but none of them really did the job. 
So recently I've tried this Roll On Argan Oil by Melvita. It's a perfect oil for treating hands, nails, lips, dry skin patches and it also softens wrinkles. 
It's in a thin glass tube, perfect size to carry everywhere with you. The roll on applicator is great as well, it's super easy to use and you can keep it safe in your hand bag as it won't spill anywhere. 
The first time I used it, I seen the difference instantly. I use it especially on my lips cause my lips just need it the most as they're often pretty dry, and even Vaseline doesn't seem to help it too much.
 The Melvita oil works fantastic and it's very soft and nice on my lips and it made them super smooth and my lips aren't chapped anymore! I just love it, and I could use it 24/7.

You can buy it here for only £9.00

Tell me in comments which lip products do you like the most :)

Kinia xoxo