Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Spring Must Have

        We're finally in the spring season! So it's time to pop a nice lipstick on, and what's the best lipstick colour for this spring/summer? Orange!
So today I'm reviewing orange NV lipstick called "Flamenco"
When I think of Flamenco, I think of a red colour not orange, 
but's a nice name for a lipstick, so why not name it like that. 
      Anyways, the colour is super super pretty! I like that it's not too bright. It's a nice pastel orange color,  and I'm very into pastels so I love it!  It lasts pretty long as well. I would say it's a creamy lipstick, and very moisurising. It looks gorgeous on lips! I've always wanted to try an orange lipstick, but I wasn't sure how it would look on me.
Everyone would look great in it, but I think orange lipsticks goes the best with pale skin, that's why I like orange colour so much, cause it just looks the best on me, at least I think so :).
      If you're looking for a nice orange lipstick, but you're scared that it might be too bright on you, and you don't want the colour to be too extreme, then I recommend you this one! 
P.S. Wearing it with a light lip butter or a lipgloss will make it look more subtle.

You can get it here for only £6.00!

Kinia xoxo

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    This is absolutely stunning!

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