Friday, 7 March 2014

Busy Bee Candles


About a month ago I've won these Magik Beanz by Busy Bee Candles.
Everyone was talking about the Busy Bee Candles, and I've always wanted to try them, so I was super happy that I won them.
I thought they would smell nice, but when I received them, I instantly fell in love with them.
Wish you could smell these amazing beenz from my pictures, cause they smell unbelievable!
So basically, Magik Beanz are tiny, colorful, scented beans that you put into the candle burner, and they melt and make the whole room smell gorgeous.
The candle burner is from the Busy Bee Candles as well.

I got 5 scents : 
*Lilac Mist
*Rose Petals
*Baby Powder
*Bite Me
*Fruit Cocktail.

Take a look at their site here, and you will see how you can mix the scents together, and they have absolutely huge amount of scents, I wish I could try them all!
My favorite scent far, is the Fruit Cocktail!
It's amazingly sweet and fruity. Bite Me one is amazing as well, it smells so nice that you just want to bite it/eat it, it kind of smells like Skittles! It smells so gorgeous!
They're smell very strong, and that's why I love it.
It says on their website to put 5 in the candle burner, but I always put only 2-3 and it smells amazing as well!
I don't put too many in it, cause I don't want to waste them too quickly.
You can buy Busy Bee hampers as well, there's so much choice! 

Have any of you tried Busy Bee Candles before ? 

Kinia xoxo

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