Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Miss Eylure

Hello everyone! :)

Today, I'm reviewing Miss Eylure eyelashes by Eylure!
I don't wear fake eylashes too often, I usually buy them for special occasions!
Usually the eyslashes I buy comes with a glue, which I'm very bad at applying on fake eyelashes.
 It never stays in place and I usually end up throwing them away...so I was happy seeing 
there was no glue with Miss Eylure eyelashes! 
The eyelashes come with 2 extra glue strips, so you can use them twice!
They're super easy to apply and the glue is very strong! 
I wasn't worrying about them falling off, and they're very natural! 
At the end of the day, I forgot I was wearing them!
These eyelashes cost only £4.03 and you can find them on the Eylure website :)

Kinia xoxo

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Walk down the Promenade!

Yesterday was a pretty good day!
Me and my girlfriend Sam, started the day with a gym in the morning, and after the gym we went for a walk down the Promenade in New Brighton, Wallasey :)
My favorite kind of weather is when the clouds are stormy and it's very dark but it's sunny as well!
So yesterday's weather was perfect...until it started raining heavily, but that's fine, cause I'm not made of sugar ;)
Hope you like the pictures.

Kinia xoxo

Friday, 17 January 2014

Miss Sporty lipstick review

Hi everyone!
Today I'm reviewing my newest make-up buy, which is Miss Sporty  Perfect Color lipstick.
The shade is called "039 Sweet Berry".
It looks like a berry smoothie, it's a mix of red and pink with purple pigments. Such a pretty color!

I like putting just a little bit of this lipstick on, as my day time lipstick, cause it looks very subtle and sophisticated ,I just put a little bit on and smudge it with my finger, and whenever I want to look more glamorous I just press the lipstick harder and the color comes out darker, and brighter!( you can see 2 shades on the 3rd picture)
I have a tendency to lick my lips a lot, so I keep checking myself in the mirror every time I wear this lipstick thinking nothing left of it, but the color looks perfect every time, so I'm very impressed with that :)!

You can buy it the cheapest in Superdrug for only £1.59! 

Kinia xoxo

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

MUA lipstick review!

Want a great lipstick but you don't want to spend too much money on it or you're broke?
Then I'm gonna recommend to you MUA lipsticks!
They are super cheap, you can buy them for only a £1!! I think you can find them pretty much in every drugstore. I got it from SuperDrug.
Often, cheap make up can be very bad quality, but these ones are great!
They might smell a bit granny-ish but they're only £1 so we can't expect them to smell like cherries ;)
It doesn't really matter what they smell like, because they look amazing.
The lipstick I have is Shade 12, it's a sparkly pink colour, and it's very bright!
It's pretty moisturizing as well. Such a good quality lipstick for just £1!
If you ever tried MUA lipsticks, then tell me what you think of them in comments :)

Kinia xoxo

Thursday, 2 January 2014

ToniAndGuy Review

As a girl, I've always been looking for great hair products, that give me that amazing hair salon quality, the light feeling in your hair, when your hair feels 10lbs lighter, the amazing smell and smoothness. Toni&Guy products has it all!

I tried 4 of their products (which I've won), I got them in a stunning wash bag designed by Matthew Williamson. The products are: 
*Sea Salt Texturising Spray
*Heat Protection Mist
*Shampoo For Normal Hair
*Conditioner For Normal Hair.

I dye my hair since I was 16 so it's very damaged.
It has lost it's natural shine, smoothness and it's very static after brushing it, blow drying it, straightening...after absolutely everything. So I was excited to try the Toni&Guy Texturising Spray and Heat Protection Mist. 

The Heat Protection Mist, makes my hair look so much better, and younger as well. 
This product made my hair soft and shiny! The bottle has a smart lock-unlock feature, which is amazing.

Sea Salt Texturising Spray gives the right amount of texture! Love using it when I wave my hair.
It gives volume to my hair as well :)  I will buy it again for sure, as it's not too expensive. (£6.39 for the Heat Mist and £8.98 for the Texturising Spray both on Amazon.com)

The last but not least, the Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal Hair (£5.99 on Amazon.com).
It saved my hair, every time I use it I feel like I just been to hair salon.
My hair isn't dry anymore, and it's much stronger and lighter than it use to be.
It got the shine back, and smells so amazing, just like the other two products! They work like magic to my hair!
I'm so addicted to Toni&Guy!

You can find these products on their website HairMeetWardrobe ! :)

Kinia xoxo