Thursday, 27 November 2014

Spectrum Brushes- 7 Piece Set

To achieve a perfect makeup, it's very important to use great quality brushes.
I've recently changed my brushes to these that I'm reviewing today. It's a 7 Piece Set by Spectrum Brushes.
They come in leather case that opens up in half and it's easily transformed into two brush holders. It's super useful when you travel a lot.
These brushes are purple and black and they look incredible! 
The brushes in the set are
- Eyebrow
- Eyeshadow
- Concealer
- Lip
- Blush
- Foundation
- Powder.
All the brushes in this set are very subtle and smooth, they're very good quality and they feel nice on skin when you apply makeup with them. None of the hair falls out of them and hopefully they will last me a long time.
      My favorite brush in the set is definitely the Eyebrow one. It's a thin, angled brush so using it will help you draw a precise line, and achieve the eyebrow shape you want to get.
     The Eyeshadow brush is also angled just like the Eyebrow one, but this one's bigger and thicker. The angle makes it super easy to apply the eyeshadow and also blend it in nicely, so there will be no harsh lines visible. For me, I think this brush works the best if I want to apply makeup in the inner or outer corner of my eyelid, it's also perfect for applying eyshadow in the crease. 
      I've got two Concealer brushes instead of a lip one, which I haven't even noticed until about a week of using them, so I hope the pictures doesn't concern you. If you buy it then you should get a normal set. I always apply concealer with my fingers. I find it way easier,  so I use the Concealer brushes for eyeshadows, but it's a great brush and will work perfectly with a concealer, I just don't use it for it. Therefore I have two extra eyshadow brushes. 
      Unfortunately, I didn't get the Lip brush in my set, so I can't really review it, but I'm just going to tell you that it's a thin round brush. As it's a tiny brush, I think it would make applying lipstick on your lips perfectly. 
     The Blush powder is perfect if you just want to pop a bit of colour on your cheek, and using this brush will make it look very subtle.
     I've always been using a flat Foundation brush, so this was the first time I ever used this type of brush. I must say it was a huge change because they're so different and you apply your foundation in a different way. After using it for a few days, I really got used to it and I actually love it! You can blend the foundation in really well with this brush and it works perfectly with any type of foundations and tinted mouisturisers. 
   Last but not least is the Powder brush. I think it's a great brush. It's big and round so you can just lightly dust powder over foundation with, helping you achieve more natural look. 

This gorgeous set is worth buying and for such great quality brushes it's really affordable, as it costs only £24.99! 
Kinia xoxo

Sunday, 16 November 2014

SOIGNE Fruit Marbles Collection

Time to add some colours to our dark season of autumn! 
This beautiful Fruit Marbles Collection by a French brand called SOIGNE might be more suitable for summer than autumn, but as it's Christmas soon, I just had to review it and show everyone how beautiful and luxury this collection is as I can't keep my eyes off of it and maybe some of you will add it to your Christmas wish list ;)
The collection contains 5 nail polishes which are beautifly wrapped and packed in a colourful, dreamy box. They're essential in any girls' nail polish drawer! 
These high quality nail polishes will last on your nails up to a week. It slightly chipped after 2-3 days but only on top of my nails and it wasn't very noticeable, so you can keep it on your nails for even up to a week! They look very sleek on nails as the brush strokes fade as the polish dries down.  If you're like me and like to just scratch nail polish off instead of using nail polish removers than you're going to have a lot of trouble with these polishes! It's really hard to scratch it off, but then again, that's why they stay on nails for so long.

Kyoho- Is a lovely light paster purple colour.
Kiwi - The name would suggest that it's a green colour but it's a lovely, dusty turquoisey-blue, which is not a bright colour so it's not overwhelming and it's easy to wear. This shade definitely needs 2-3 coats.I normally apply 2 coats anyway, but if you do nail art with many different colours then you don't want the layers to be too thick, but I think you would have to apply 2 layers of this one as only 1 layer can look see-through and dull.
PĂȘche - Gorgeous pastel orange colour.
Pamplemousse When you look at the bottle of this nail polish, the colour looks hot pink,but when you apply it on your nails, it looks more like a warm red colour. It's stunning colour, and no other colour would remind me of Christmas more!
Fraise Is a Barbie pink colour! Pink nail polishes has always been my favourite ones and this one wins my heart. 


Kinia xoxo

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New BINKY LONDON Collection | Review

New season means there's a new Binky London AW14/15 Collection.
There are 5 colours in this collection, which are : The Big Smoke, Cobalt, Purple Gel, Mocha Gel and Marrakesh. I've attached the picture of the collection at the bottom of my post. I've noticed that in that picture, the nail polish colour that I have looks a bit red and pink, but in real life it's a nice burgundy colour.
So yes, I've been sent the "Marrakesh" one. It's a gorgeous colour and I fell in love with it straight away when I received it that's why I couldn't wait to use it. I think it's a simple colour, and not too bright, not too dark. It's not an overwhelming colour, and for me, it's one of those  basic colours, that you can wear all the time, summer, winter, day and night, and you won't feel the need to change it. I could wear it all the time. 
The thick brush makes it very easy to apply, and it keeps more nail polish than a thin brush, therefore there's no need to keep dipping in. It's a great quality nail polish. It's not gluey or heavy. I'm really pleased with how fast it dries and how long it stays on on my nails. It stayed perfectly on my nails for about 3-4 days, on the 4th day, the ends would slightly chip off but the rest would stay like it did before. Sounds pretty much like a nails polish dream, doesn't it? 
I really think it's worth buying. There's nothing bad I can say about this nail polish.
If you have some nail polishes from this collection or even the whole collection then I'd love to know what you think of it :)

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Kinia xoxo

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Princess for a day! | OOTD

It's November! It's crazy how time flies, and yes even though it's autumn, and this dress from Get The Label that I'm wearing might be more suitable for summer, it's so pretty that I think it's perfectly fine to wear it to some events, and family parties even now :) 
The neckline is very unique. The top corner sides are see-through, so even though the dress is built up right to the neck which will give you more stability and everything will stay in place, it makes the neckline look like it's more open so that the dress looks more fun. It also has a beautiful line of sequins going on the edge of the neckline.

I'm also wearing gorgeous nude wedges from Boohoo which are 18 cm high, but they're very comfortable and you can walk easily in them without breaking a leg. They have a bow attached in the front, making it look super cute, so you can even wear normal jeans a tank top with them, and you will look amazing.