Monday, 16 March 2015

Matching Dune bags!

      In today's post I wanted to show my newest buy! A black Dune handbag that I bought last week. It matches my other dune bag, which is identical to the one I've bought, but it's white. So, now I have twin Dune bags! I got both of them on sale! It was a big sale, actually! The white one costed me £32, and it was down from £70 (!!) and the black one, I got for only £26! Oh, how I love a good sale! These two bags came with a shoulder strap, but I never use them, as I like to carry bags in my hand, so I've lost the white one somewhere, but I still have a black one, so I can show you. These bags are really stunning, they have gold details including a gold lock in the front, with the brand's name on it. These two bags are almost identical, the only difference is the colour...obviously and also the black one is smooth and the white one is textured. They have two pockets inside, which I just couldn't take a nice picture of, with my camera. One of the pockets is with a zip, and one is  open. There's enough space to fit everything in. I could have this bag in every colour!
    I'm a big fan of bowling bags, I never really buy any other types as I just find these ones, easier to carry around and I can fit everything in them, better than in a flat bag. Some of the really nice bags like that can be really pricey, that's why I like to pop in the shop when I know they have a sale, or when I see a nice bag, I often wait for it to go on I know, it probably will, and I don't like to waste money. Unfortunately, I can't give you the link to these bags in Dune's online shop as they're sold out not, but you might find the black one in the shop. You probably won't find the white one anywhere as It's from last year.  
   So, hat's the bag I've bought last week and the white one...which I think is my favourite. I haven't done posts like that before, so I hope you like it. 
Kinia xoxo

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The One Fluid Blusher | Makeup Revolution

            In today's post I'm going to tell you why this one product made me a happy girl! I've wanted to try anything from Makeup Revolution for a long time now, I've also really wanted to try one of the liquid blushers that many companies sell. So yes, the blusher that I'm showing you today, made me very happy indeed, as it's both...from the brand I really wanted to try and also that it's a liquid blusher.
First of all, I have to say that I was really shocked by the price of this. "The One Fluid Blusher" costs only £3.00! I really thought it would be more expensive, but hey...I like prices like that!
            As I've never tried liquid blushers before, I had no idea what exactly it's going to look like on cheeks, how pigmented it will be, if it's going to be anything like Benefit's Cha Cha tint etc. I should mention, that I got one in shade "Rush Me" which is a beautiful coral colour. It's a really pigmented colour, and the blush feels so nice when I apply it on my skin. I like to dab it on my cheeks with my fingers, instead of using a brush. I just find this way easier. It spreads really easily so, even if you apply it with your fingers, like me, you won't see any uneven lines on your cheeks. It will look and feel super smooth. It also won't leave any stains on your fingers, like some lip & cheek stains would do. This blusher is fantastic as you can build it up. If 1 layer isn't enough for you then you can easily add another one on. On the bottom picture that I uploaded, you can see how it looks like, blended in, in layers. One layer on the right, and two layers on the left. I think that for me, applying one layer is enough, as I think that the colour of two layers might be a bit too strong. 

            I'm really happy with this blusher! I couldn't love it more, it is such a bargain!

Kinia xoxo 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


     Nip+Fab has been on my "brands to try" list for a long time. I'm really pleased that I finally have a chance to try 2 of their products which are from the Glycolic Fix collection. 

     The first one is the Glycolic Fix Pads which come in a very handy, medium size pot. These pre-soaked in exfoliating glycol acid pads, are great for people who don't like to take too much time applying their skincare products and using exfoliating face products that needs to be applied and then rinsed with water, as all you need to do using these pads, is take 1 of them and wipe your whole face and neck with it. The pad might seem small but it's enough to cover your skin on those areas. I usually use one, but sometimes when I feel like my skin needs a bit more of pampering, then I will use 2. They're thin and feel soft on skin. They're also scented. Some people like their face beauty products to be fragrance free, but this scent is really not so strong so it might not be an issue for those people, so give it a try. 
I have noticed that they've really brightened my skin and make it look more awake. I haven't noticed a huge difference, but my skin definitely feels better than before and looks more radiant. 

    The next product is the Glycolic Instant Fix Mask. This mask comes in a form of a transparent gel in a medium size tube and smells divine! It's a pretty strong citrus scent. I love a nice scented mask so I can enjoy the scent while using it. Using it is just like using any other mask. Just apply a thing layer on your face, wait 10 minutes and then rinse it. It works really good! It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed!  You might not see a big difference the first time you use this product, but if you use it a few more times then the results will be really good. It moisturises the skin really well and it also suppose to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I don't have a lot of them...yet, but if some of you do, then if should work good on that. Also, for those of you who have oily skin, just like me, then using this product will reduce shine and make the skin tone more ever.  This product does so much good to the skin and makes your skin look very healthy! If you're looking for a nice mask, then this one is the one to try.

Kinia xoxo