Wednesday, 25 February 2015

GOSSARD - Super Smooth Set

       In my last post, I blogged about a stunning pink set from the new Gossard collection. Today I have yet another set to show from this fantastic brand. Many girls' own "nightmare bras" which are the ones with awkward and at times, painful wires, that often come out of your bra, and hurt your body. The bra from the Super Smooth set that I'm showing you today is definitely not one of those bras as its wireless. It's super comfortable and as it's wireless, it fits and adapts to your body so much better. It gives such a big support to your assets and keeps them in place. I often have a problem with bras, where I have to fix them all the time, and change the strap lengths, place what I need to, back in a cup, but this bra keeps everything in it's place, and it doesn't move a lot either. 

     The Super Smooth Set is nude with a gorgeous, floral lace and beautiful gold details, therefore it looks very feminine and classic. It's definitely a must have bra! If you go on the Gossard website then you will also find this set in a few different colours and prints. This bra is really fantastic at pushing your assets up and together and making your cleavage look really nice and flattering. It doesn't have detachable straps but if you're looking for one like that, then check out my latest post where I've reviewed strapless set from this brand! I really wanted to show you not only how this bra looks like but also how nice it fits on your body, so I uploaded a picture of me wearing it, where you can see that.

There's also matching short that comes in with this set, which is very soft, feminine and comfortable. I feel very nice wearing it, You can buy the short and bra separately if you don't want to get the whole set. 

     The price of this set isn't the cheapest, but it's so worth the money as it looks gorgeous and the quality of it is really impressive. Their lingerie never disappoints! The more sets I try, the more I'm in love with the brand. I could not recommend them enough!

Super Smooth Short - £14.00

Twitter - @GossardUK
Facebook - Gossard UK

Kinia xoxo

Friday, 13 February 2015

GOSSARD - Valentine's Day lingerie

         It's Valentine's Day soon, and I think that wether you are in a relationship or not, it's great to treat yourself sometimes and maybe invest in a nice lingerie set. My current lingerie brand that I'm obsessed with, is called Gossard, which I have that gorgeous pink lingerie set from. It's called "Irresistible" and it's in a very hot pink colour! It's one of Gossard's new collections. It is a high quality set, made with a very soft fabric, a stunning lace, gold details and a little bow on top. 
         You can wear the bra with or without the straps as they're detachable. The bra also has a wide band which gives more support, especially if you wear it without straps. It's really comfortable and I feel really good in it! The set comes with either shorts or thongs. I got both and they're really comfortable. They have lace on the front and full full fabric on the back. They're super pretty and feminine. I really could not be more in love with this set! If you have a girlfriend who you'd love to treat or just to treat yourself, then go for it! You won't regret it! They have a lot of collections, so you can check them out here. They're all very gorgeous and luxurious! I have my eye on a lot of them, and I'm probably gonna be buying some of them, soon! 
P.S. Gossard also sells dreamy swimwear! Have a look at them as well. 
         If you'd love to know more about Gossard and see latest news and collections then give them a follow on twitter! (@GossardUK)

Kinia xoxo

Monday, 9 February 2015

What I got for Valentine's Day! Pt. 2 | Gifts & Pieces

       In my previous post, I shown you my early Valentine's Day presents that Sam bought me from LUSH. Today I'm showing you the rest of my presents, which are from my favourite shop at the moment! It's called Gifts & Pieces and it's the most adorable shop ever! I could buy every single item from that shop if I could. It's easy for Sam to buy me presents from that shop as I will love anything from it, everything is so gorgeous. You need to check it out!
      So, the first thing is something I wanted to get for ages. I've seen a lot cute pencils lately with adorable words or quotes on them. In Gifts & Pieces shop, you will find  6 different "quote pencil sets" , which are in pink, white and black colours. There are 4 pencils in each set and cost only £6, so that's bargain! The set of pencils I got are pink (thank Gosh, Sam chose this one) with "Paris is always a good idea" on it. How cute is that?! I love everything about those pencils. The packing is so cute as well. As some of you may know I love to draw so I will use them a lot, for sure! I think these pencils would make a great Birthday/Valentine's Day/Christmas present idea especially for people who love to write or draw.
    The next thing I got, is a gorgeous candle from Bomb Cosmetics! I'm the biggest fan of fruity candles, that's why I really love this one. It's called "Very Berry" which smells like berry sweets. It contains red fruits, raspberries, grapes, blueberry and pears. It also contains vanilla, caramel, black pepper and Lemongrass oils. It smells divine, but it also looks gorgeous! It comes in a gold tin, and pink wrapping. It's a pink candle, with 4 red, love hearts on top of it, which look so delicious, I could  just pick it up and eat it! This candle is a perfect present for Valentine's Day! I could not love it any more! 
     Last but not least, is a pretty little storage box with "Everything Starts With a Dream" quote on it. It's my life motto! I love dreams. I have so many of them and I dream all the time, and my girlfriend knows me so well, she thought that this would be a perfect present for me! I really love it, but I'm not sure yet of what I'm going to put in it. I'm a little girl at heart so things like that always cheer me up and make me happy! 

And this is all I got for Valentine's Day :) Hope you enjoyed my post.
Kinia xoxo

Friday, 6 February 2015

What I got for Valentine's Day! Pt. 1 | LUSH

         It's Valentine's Day next week, and me and my Girlfriend always get each other some nice stuff for this occasion. We bought presents for each other about a week ago, and we're very inpatient and bad at keeping secrets, so we decided to exchange our little presents yesterday! She got me gifts from two shops, so I'm doing 2 separate blog posts about them. In Today's post I'm showing you what she got me from LUSH! All these products (if I'm right) are from the Valentine's Day collection! I've actually never had anything from this shop. Everytime I'm in Lush in Liverpool, there are big queues to the checkout, and I really don't want to wait half an hour to buy 2 things. I could do it online, but I'd like to smell and touch it...before I buy it :)
       The first product is the Unicorn Horn! I love everything thats bright and colourful so I really love the look of this bubble bar It looks like a glittery unicorn horn, with lots of colours on it, and many colourful stars which will float in your bath once it's melted. Unfortunately, something must've happened to mine as I got it with only like 3 stars on it. Most of them probably fell off somewhere in the box. I really can't to wait to use it!
      This next bubble bar, I'm saving to use on Valentine's Day. It's the Heart Throb, which is made of 2 super bright red hearts and the most gorgeous gold glitter in the middle. It looks absolutely stunning! I'm a bit worried about the glitter, as I hope I'm not gonna be full of it when I get out of the bath. Hopefully it's gonna melt away. From the little video on Lush website, I seen that it's going to turn the water in the prettiest red colour! I think it's perfect to have a lovely bath with this bubble bar, on the Valentine's Day morning, and I'm sure that would put everyone in a romantic mood for the whole day. 
        Another red product is this gorgeous Cupid's Love soap! I'm really excited to try it as I've never had a soap like that. It's red with big white hearts inside, which look super pretty! I'm probably never gonna be back to using a normal hand wash after using this soap! I really love, as it's a soap so it's not as fragile as the bath bombs I got. 
       I left my favourite one to last! I think that if you really want to get something from this collection, then this would be the main thing you need! It is a huge, Barbie pink, heart shaped Love Locket with the yellow lock in the middle! It also has a little surprise inside. I'm not sure what that is yet, but I really just want to smash it and look inside of it, but I'm going to save it for when I have a bath! I'm going to guess though and say that there's probably a yellow key to that lock! What else could it be?! I hope I'm right. This bath bomb is so big, that's you can use it for 2 baths. It's just the pretties thing I've ever seen. I'm sure I will feel bad melting it in a bath. Wish I could just put it on the shelf in my bedroom or bathroom so it looks cute! I wanted to give you link to this bath bomb, but I think it's sold out on the Lush website. I'm not the only one loving it so much then. 

Cupid's Love - £4.25
Love Locket - £6.95

    So those were the LUSH products that Sam's bought for me!! I really can't wait to use them all! In the next blog post, I'm going to show you what else I got from Sam, from my favourite shop at the moment. 
Kinia xoxo