Friday, 13 February 2015

GOSSARD - Valentine's Day lingerie

         It's Valentine's Day soon, and I think that wether you are in a relationship or not, it's great to treat yourself sometimes and maybe invest in a nice lingerie set. My current lingerie brand that I'm obsessed with, is called Gossard, which I have that gorgeous pink lingerie set from. It's called "Irresistible" and it's in a very hot pink colour! It's one of Gossard's new collections. It is a high quality set, made with a very soft fabric, a stunning lace, gold details and a little bow on top. 
         You can wear the bra with or without the straps as they're detachable. The bra also has a wide band which gives more support, especially if you wear it without straps. It's really comfortable and I feel really good in it! The set comes with either shorts or thongs. I got both and they're really comfortable. They have lace on the front and full full fabric on the back. They're super pretty and feminine. I really could not be more in love with this set! If you have a girlfriend who you'd love to treat or just to treat yourself, then go for it! You won't regret it! They have a lot of collections, so you can check them out here. They're all very gorgeous and luxurious! I have my eye on a lot of them, and I'm probably gonna be buying some of them, soon! 
P.S. Gossard also sells dreamy swimwear! Have a look at them as well. 
         If you'd love to know more about Gossard and see latest news and collections then give them a follow on twitter! (@GossardUK)

Kinia xoxo


  1. So pretty huni,
    Your photos are always to die for !!