Monday, 9 February 2015

What I got for Valentine's Day! Pt. 2 | Gifts & Pieces

       In my previous post, I shown you my early Valentine's Day presents that Sam bought me from LUSH. Today I'm showing you the rest of my presents, which are from my favourite shop at the moment! It's called Gifts & Pieces and it's the most adorable shop ever! I could buy every single item from that shop if I could. It's easy for Sam to buy me presents from that shop as I will love anything from it, everything is so gorgeous. You need to check it out!
      So, the first thing is something I wanted to get for ages. I've seen a lot cute pencils lately with adorable words or quotes on them. In Gifts & Pieces shop, you will find  6 different "quote pencil sets" , which are in pink, white and black colours. There are 4 pencils in each set and cost only £6, so that's bargain! The set of pencils I got are pink (thank Gosh, Sam chose this one) with "Paris is always a good idea" on it. How cute is that?! I love everything about those pencils. The packing is so cute as well. As some of you may know I love to draw so I will use them a lot, for sure! I think these pencils would make a great Birthday/Valentine's Day/Christmas present idea especially for people who love to write or draw.
    The next thing I got, is a gorgeous candle from Bomb Cosmetics! I'm the biggest fan of fruity candles, that's why I really love this one. It's called "Very Berry" which smells like berry sweets. It contains red fruits, raspberries, grapes, blueberry and pears. It also contains vanilla, caramel, black pepper and Lemongrass oils. It smells divine, but it also looks gorgeous! It comes in a gold tin, and pink wrapping. It's a pink candle, with 4 red, love hearts on top of it, which look so delicious, I could  just pick it up and eat it! This candle is a perfect present for Valentine's Day! I could not love it any more! 
     Last but not least, is a pretty little storage box with "Everything Starts With a Dream" quote on it. It's my life motto! I love dreams. I have so many of them and I dream all the time, and my girlfriend knows me so well, she thought that this would be a perfect present for me! I really love it, but I'm not sure yet of what I'm going to put in it. I'm a little girl at heart so things like that always cheer me up and make me happy! 

And this is all I got for Valentine's Day :) Hope you enjoyed my post.
Kinia xoxo


  1. Oh wow! Such lovely gifts from your partner :-) I've tried Bomb Cosmetics in the past and their candles are incredible and smell so sweet. Can I just say that I love your pictures? I love the light and the way you take them, they are some of the nicest I've seen!

    1. I try so hard with my blog, so that's really sweet of you, thank you :) I definitely want to buy more candles from that shop as well x

  2. I got so excited about them pencils! I want them now haha. Love your blog, just gave you a follow on bloglovin. :)

  3. How beautiful are your photographs <3 fabulous xxx