Wednesday, 25 February 2015

GOSSARD - Super Smooth Set

       In my last post, I blogged about a stunning pink set from the new Gossard collection. Today I have yet another set to show from this fantastic brand. Many girls' own "nightmare bras" which are the ones with awkward and at times, painful wires, that often come out of your bra, and hurt your body. The bra from the Super Smooth set that I'm showing you today is definitely not one of those bras as its wireless. It's super comfortable and as it's wireless, it fits and adapts to your body so much better. It gives such a big support to your assets and keeps them in place. I often have a problem with bras, where I have to fix them all the time, and change the strap lengths, place what I need to, back in a cup, but this bra keeps everything in it's place, and it doesn't move a lot either. 

     The Super Smooth Set is nude with a gorgeous, floral lace and beautiful gold details, therefore it looks very feminine and classic. It's definitely a must have bra! If you go on the Gossard website then you will also find this set in a few different colours and prints. This bra is really fantastic at pushing your assets up and together and making your cleavage look really nice and flattering. It doesn't have detachable straps but if you're looking for one like that, then check out my latest post where I've reviewed strapless set from this brand! I really wanted to show you not only how this bra looks like but also how nice it fits on your body, so I uploaded a picture of me wearing it, where you can see that.

There's also matching short that comes in with this set, which is very soft, feminine and comfortable. I feel very nice wearing it, You can buy the short and bra separately if you don't want to get the whole set. 

     The price of this set isn't the cheapest, but it's so worth the money as it looks gorgeous and the quality of it is really impressive. Their lingerie never disappoints! The more sets I try, the more I'm in love with the brand. I could not recommend them enough!

Super Smooth Short - £14.00

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Facebook - Gossard UK

Kinia xoxo

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