Saturday, 31 May 2014


Hello everyone!

Most cell phones these days look pretty much the same, so most of us like to buy a nice phone case to make a phone look more personal.
There are a lot of shops that sell phone cases, but they're not always very practical or they break very easily. 
So for that reason, I want to tell you about an online store who I personally think, make the best phone cases. 

The shop is called Casetify (used to be Casetagram) and they have absolutely tons of phone cases for many different phone devices. It was pretty hard for me to choose the one I wanted, because all of them were amazing! Everyone will find a perfect case for them, as they have girly cases, ones with zombies, animals, flags, food, quotes, landscapes, Disney, characters from your favorite movies, your favorite singers, ones that look like an iPod or calculator. You will find many more on their website.
 When you found the picture you love, next you get to choose from couple case styles and even case colours to suit you the best!
I chose a picture that I thought was the most gorgeous. It's a picture/painting of a Chanel perfume bottle on it. The quality of the picture is absolutely amazing, and looks very clear! I'm extremely happy with that case. It's very strong as well, not like the cases I've had before, that would break after just dropping it on the floor. 
If you love the one I got, then what are you waiting for? Get yours here! Not that it only costs $39.95, but you get a FREE worldwide delivery as well!

If you want to make your phone look even more personal then you can design your own case (Create your own case here)!
These cases make an amazing gift as well. As you all know it's Father's Day soon, so you can order 2 cases with a code : COOLDAD, 1 case for you and 1 for your Dad and you will get an amazing 40% off your order!!

Don't forget to check out their store ( and follow them on Twitter ( :)

Kinia xoxo

Monday, 26 May 2014

Candy Dip by Elegant Touch


I absolutely love nail art and doing my nails, but one of the things that I don't really like to do on my nails is glitter. I was super excited to try the Candy Dip by Elegant Touch anyways, as I thought it was super cute! It comes with 3 pots of glitter, each in a different shade.
I got one in shades "Bubblegum", so glitter pots are in 3 shades of pink, and I think the colours are absolutely gorgeous. The box also contains a sheet with 18 double sided stickers for your nails (8 extra ones). You apply the stickers on your nails, then cut it in the right shape and take the protective layer off, which was the worst part for me. I must say it's a bit hard doing it by yourself.
The last part is just to put glitter on the your nails, I used cotton buds for it.
I'd suggest you to put a top coat over it, so the glitter will stay in place and won't end up on everything you touch...but then, your top coat nail polish brush might end up messy and full of glitter.
The finished effect was all right in my opinion, I think it's perfect for teenagers and girls who really love glitter, so I don't think I would purchase it again.
The good thing is that you don't need to use nail polish remover, just take the stickers off your nails. 

Candy Dip by Elegant Touch - £4.49 

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Bellapierre- Shimmer Powder

Hello everyone! :) 

I'm the type of girl who wears natural/nude eye shadows. I like wearing colors on my cheeks and lips but I always do my eyes pretty simple.
I love shimmer eye shadows because they make my eyes pop and they give my eyes and face a natural glow. One of my new favorite eye shadows at the moment is a Shimmer Powder by Bellapierre and it's in shade Champagne.
It comes in a tiny 2.35g pot which I find very handy, and you can just pop it in your bag whenever you go somewhere and you don't need to worry that it will spill everywhere.
The colour is absolutely beautiful, although It's very pigmented, so I like to wear it on special occasions, or I just pop it on the inner corner of my eye, making my eyes look bigger and more awake. 
This Shimmer Powder is long lasting as well so you don't have to re-do your eye shadow every 3 hours or so, it will last hours longer than that, and even after hours of wearing it, it still looks perfect even in a crease.  I'm very happy with this eye shadow.
Would I recommend it? Definitely yes! Even though, I think it's a bit expensive as it costs £12.99, but it's definitely worth it's prize. If you're not too keen on this colour, then there are lots of other colours you can choose from! You will definitely find something for yourself.

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Kinia xoxo

Monday, 19 May 2014


Hi everyone!

About a month ago I've won some Elemis goodies in a twitter competition.
I really needed some good skin care products, and I've heard many great things about Elemis so I was excited to try them. I got 4 products which came in a lovely little bag.

Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Lotion  (£27.50 in a set) smells very refreshing. I'm not the biggest fan of ginger scents but combined with lime smells really nice.  It's not a super strong scent so it's not overwhelming.  I use this product just as a hand cream, because I don't think it would last very long if I used it as a body lotion, but it's a perfect hand cream size! I think that most of us are looking for a hand cream/lotion that's not sticky. I hate when I put a hand cream on and I can't touch anything, because it's so sticky. Well, this cream isn't sticky at all and makes the skin super smooth and hydrated!

Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash (£7.99) is super soft and nice on my skin! I use it everyday and the results are amazing. My cheeks look very pink sometimes, and I have dry areas on the bottom of my face, my forehead and nose area can be very oily, this product fades the pink and hydrates the dry areas and my skin isn't so shiny and oily anymore. If you have acne, then you should definitely try it as well! It might not get rid of the spots but it will definitely reduce them! I think it's a great product for everyone with skin problems, even small ones. Great product, definitely worth trying!!
P.S. It smells fruity and so gorgeous!

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (£28.00) is a fantastic anti-ageing product. I got it in a little 15ml bottle, and I've almost finished it, which I'm not too happy about because I wish I never ran out of it. The bigger bottle (50ml) costs £67.95 and it can cost up to £80 so as much as I would like to repurchase it, I don't think I will anytime soon, as it's super expensive!  Great thing about it is that you don't need to use a lot of it, so the bigger bottle should last you a long time! It makes the face look younger, the lines less noticeable, and the whole face just looks more fresh! Smells great as well!

The last but not least is the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask (£17.00). 
I'm gonna start with the thing that I didn't really like about it and it's the tingling feeling when you have it on your face. You have to have it on your face for 8-10 minutes, and I just wish the time went by faster, because I felt like my face was burning. I like when face masks give you that nice tingling feeling, because then I just know it's working...but I feel like this was a bit too much. But then again, the results were great! Made my skin silky smooth, brighter and smoother!

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Kinia xoxo

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Disappointing lip product...


Couple months ago I won a Lip Blush in shade Youth from Pixi.
I've never blogged about it, because I didn't like it at all, but I decided to review it now, and maybe some of you who's got it as well, will tell me if it works the same for you!
Basically, I got it looking very dried out!
It's a lip blush, that you can use on lips and cheeks and it suppose to give a nice rosy colour, but it's barely visible.
I'm not even sure if you can see the colour on the last picture.
I don't know if they sent me a used one, but I don't think it should look like that.
The applicator looks like a marker and it doesn't feel nice on my lips, just make them sore.
I would probably like the applicator if it wasn't dry.
I'm so disappointed in this product! I really was hoping it would be a great lip product as it looks super cute, I love the packaging and the smell of it. It smells super sweet, but I don't know what to do with it. 
It doesn't make my lips look any different.
The price is a bit ridiculous as well, as it cost £12.50.
If I bought it with my own money, it definitely would be a waste of money!
I'd love you girlies to help me, and if you've ever tried this Lip Blush, then please tell me if it looks different to mine,
 and if the colour is more...visible. 

Kinia xoxo

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Have a perfect pout with Sleek!

Hello everyone!
I hope you all are having a nice, rainless Bank Holiday!
I enjoy far :)

One of the make up brands that I've always wanted to try is Sleek!
Beauty Bloggers are loving their products, so I'm happy that I can finally try it.
This Sleek Pout Polish came in my Glossy Box with some other nice beauty products. 
It's a tinted lip conditioner and comes in a cute flat pot, which I find very handy and cute.
I got it in shade "Bare Minimum", which is a nice peachy nude colour! I was hoping it would look the same on my lips, but it's not very pigmented, as it's just a lip balm so it just gives the lips a bit of colour, makes them look very nice, subtle and glossy.
It contains SPF 15, almond oil, shea butter and Vitamin E, keeping lips very soft, and moisturized for hours!
Now, the first time I smelled it I thought that it couldn't smell better! It smells like one of my body butters, and I think it's smells like vanilla/cocoa. It is a nice scent, but once I was wearing it for the whole day, I just wanted to get rid of it. I feel like the scent is a bit too strong for a lip balm, so I'm giving it a big minus for it, cause I just can't stand when a product I like has a not so nice smell. I think it's a lovely scent for a body butter, not a lip balm.
The Pout Polish lip conditioner is available in 13 shades and it costs only £4.49, and you can purchase "Bare Minimum" and other shades at Sleek online store here.

Have any of you tried this lip butter? I'd love you to tell me in comments what you think of it, 
or tell me if you've tried other lip products from Sleek, so I might purchase it :) I'd love to know your recommendations!
Kinia xoxo