Saturday, 31 May 2014


Hello everyone!

Most cell phones these days look pretty much the same, so most of us like to buy a nice phone case to make a phone look more personal.
There are a lot of shops that sell phone cases, but they're not always very practical or they break very easily. 
So for that reason, I want to tell you about an online store who I personally think, make the best phone cases. 

The shop is called Casetify (used to be Casetagram) and they have absolutely tons of phone cases for many different phone devices. It was pretty hard for me to choose the one I wanted, because all of them were amazing! Everyone will find a perfect case for them, as they have girly cases, ones with zombies, animals, flags, food, quotes, landscapes, Disney, characters from your favorite movies, your favorite singers, ones that look like an iPod or calculator. You will find many more on their website.
 When you found the picture you love, next you get to choose from couple case styles and even case colours to suit you the best!
I chose a picture that I thought was the most gorgeous. It's a picture/painting of a Chanel perfume bottle on it. The quality of the picture is absolutely amazing, and looks very clear! I'm extremely happy with that case. It's very strong as well, not like the cases I've had before, that would break after just dropping it on the floor. 
If you love the one I got, then what are you waiting for? Get yours here! Not that it only costs $39.95, but you get a FREE worldwide delivery as well!

If you want to make your phone look even more personal then you can design your own case (Create your own case here)!
These cases make an amazing gift as well. As you all know it's Father's Day soon, so you can order 2 cases with a code : COOLDAD, 1 case for you and 1 for your Dad and you will get an amazing 40% off your order!!

Don't forget to check out their store ( and follow them on Twitter ( :)

Kinia xoxo


  1. I like the watercolor effect of the case, but I like your nails more! :] // ☼

  2. I will second the first comment!
    But I really do love the phone case, I've been after a unique case for my phone and I think this website may have it!
    New follower here by the way! Your blog is so pretty!

    Brogan Jay xx

    1. Thank you very much :) Yeh, they have tons of amazing cases! Need some more of them :) x

  3. In love with this phone case! It's to die for!
    Annies Allsorts