Sunday, 23 February 2014

SHISEIDO Perfect Rouge Lipstick Review

Hi everyone :) 

Today I'm reviewing Perfect Rouge Lipstick in shade RS 711 Venetian Rose by Shiseido!. 

It's the prettiest pearly cherry colour. It's not the brightest colour so it doesn't look too extreme on lips. It makes me feel very chic and classy, and it's not the lipstick colour, I usually go for, as I would think that, this colour is too dark for my skin tone, but when I first tried it I thought it's a perfect lipstick for me. Makes me look more mature as well, and I'm really in love with it, could wear it everyday!
It's pretty glossy and super moisturizing as well. It moisturizes my lips better than some of the proper lip balms, which is pretty weird and I think I should invest in better lip balms...

I love the packaging as well, it's pretty curvy, and it's adorable.
I recommend this lipstick to everyone, as I think this colour will look great on everyone.
Shiseido isn't the cheapest make up brand, but it's absolutely amazing, and if you want a good lipstick then definitely try some Shiseido ones. I bet you will fall in love with it ones you try it.

You can buy the lipstick here in House of Fraser for £22.

If you have ever tried any Shiseido products then tell me in comments below. 
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Kinia xoxo

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Make-up Favorites!

 Hi everyone! :)
Today I want to show you some of my make-up favorites.
Most of these products I use every single day.

1. I usually don't wear colorful make-up that's why I like this Warm Colour 48 piece Little Black Beauty Book by el.f. , cause the colours are very natural! 
As you can see, I like this palette a lot, because most of the colours on the left side are gone!
There's a Cool Colour edition palette as well, and I have it, but I don't use it too often as the colours are very bright.

2. The second product is a foundation.
For the last couple months I've been using the one called Lasting Perfection by Collection, and I absolutely loved it! Then, couple months ago I saw the Colour Match one in the shop, and I loved the pink packaging (how vain haha), and thought I'd try it, cause it might be as good as the previous one, and it was! I don't really see the difference between these two foundations to be honest, they're both amazing! It makes my skin look very natural, and it has a great coverage, I think it's pretty mattifying but gives a skin a natural glow, and it blends in amazing with my skin tone! :)

3. My make up is never done until I draw a black "cat eye" line on my eyes.
I always use liquid eyeliners for it, and my favorite applicator must be the Pen type one!
It's very easy to draw a line with it, and it doesn't get messy, so I love this Liquid Liner from Little Mix collection by Collection!

4. I LOVE Shimmer Facial Whip by e.l.f. so much. I did a review about it in my last post, that's why I won't write too much about it now. Just that I love it, and use it everyday :)

5. Glow Bronzing Pearls by Avon. Oh how I love this product.
You wouldn't really see the colour of it if you applied it on your hand to try it out, but you will definitely see it on your face. It gives a natural sun-kissed look. It's actually THE BEST BRONZER I've ever used! I've had it for months and still haven't used it all, even though I use it everyday :) If any of you are looking for a good, natural looking bronzer then I recommend you this one.

6. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara . First of all, I think that Max Factor is one of the best make-up brands, second of all, this mascara is amazing because it doesn't clump and it stays on all day! It defines the lashes, makes them look thick and long. 

7. The last but not least, Shiseido Luminizing Lip Gloss . I fell in love with this lip gloss! It looks very natural on lips, but it's very shimmery and super moisturizing! The applicator is very soft. 
It's my favorite lip gloss, but I don't want to use it to often because it's pretty expensive (£20).

I would love to know what are your favorite make up products at the moment :)
Feel free to comment below

Kinia xoxo

Saturday, 8 February 2014

e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip

One of my favorite make up products EVER is my newest prize, that I've won from e.l.f :)
It's a Shimmering Facial Whip, and the colour is Pink Lemonade, and of course it's by e.l.f. ;) 
The bottle is pretty small, but it's very handy and I don't have to use a lot of it anyway, so I think it might last pretty long! 
It costs only £1.50! How amazing is that ?!
I'm actually pretty addicted to it! I just love it so much that I had to tell you about it on here.
 I use it as a blush. It's such a great and positive colour! It makes my skin look more healthy as well, and It's my favourite shade of pink to use as a blush.
I'm not sure if you can see the colour well, but you can as well pop to e.l.f site here and see the colour better.
Oh and I have to mention the amazing smell!! I'm not too sure what the smell is but it's super sweet, they need to make candles scented like this, I'd buy a lot! I just really really really love it's smell! 
Kinia xoxo

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kinia in Pink!! :)

Hi lovelies :)

I'm guessing that you already know that I love colour pink :D
Well, today I want to show you 3 super bright and colourful lip vinyls by BeautyUK, and one of them is pink, and it's my favorite one out of them 3, it's absolutely Candy-Fabulous! ;)
I've never had any lipsticks/ lip glosses that bright, but I love them!
I think they're absolutely perfect for summer!
The pink one that I'm wearing in the picture is called Pure Pacha, the red one is called Ibiza, and the nude one is called Privilege, which I was wearing in the last post. I think it's really cute and I just love nude colour lip glosses and lip sticks but I think I'm too pale for this colour, I just don't look good in it.

The tube is plastic, and it's not rounded so you can lay it flat on a table and it won't roll down.
The only thing that I don't think I like is that these lip vinyls have a sponge-tip applicator which  gets very dirty (as you can see on the picture below), but it's not too bad either. You can buy them for only £2.99! :)

Kinia xoxo

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Make up with ELF

Hi lovelies!
Today, I'm gonna show you what products I used to do the make up on the picture below :)
This post is about Elf so I'm going to tell you only the Elf products I used.

For eyes I used my Little Black Beauty Book eye shadow palette.
(Every girl should get it for the summer! The colors are amazing and it's a real bargain!! )
The first color I used was white, it's going all over my eyelid. Make sure you use the primer before applying the eyeshadow, because it's a #CrimeNotToPrime ;) .
Next, I drew the purple line through the crease, and I did a little flick at the end. 
 I used the darkest purple from the palette.
I didn't have a blue eye pencil to do the bottom water line, so I used my coral pencil as a base, and then I just popped a little bit of second darkest blue eyeshadow from the palette on it! 
And ta dahh, who need a pencil, if you have eyeshadows ;) They're all you need.
Now I drew a thin line very close to my water line, with the same purple eyeshadow, I used before.
Then I just did my "cat eye line" with a black eyeliner, did my eyelashes with mascara, and the eye make up is done :) 

Next I used Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, which I really love, but I'm afraid that the Bronzer is a bit too dark for me, as I'm super pale! Hopefully I can use it in the summer, when I'm tan ;)!

Last Elf product I used was the Shimmer Palette.
I used it in the inner corner of my eye, on my brow bone, and a little bit on my cheeks :)

 The make up is done! :)
Hope you like it guys.

Kinia xoxo