Sunday, 2 February 2014

Make up with ELF

Hi lovelies!
Today, I'm gonna show you what products I used to do the make up on the picture below :)
This post is about Elf so I'm going to tell you only the Elf products I used.

For eyes I used my Little Black Beauty Book eye shadow palette.
(Every girl should get it for the summer! The colors are amazing and it's a real bargain!! )
The first color I used was white, it's going all over my eyelid. Make sure you use the primer before applying the eyeshadow, because it's a #CrimeNotToPrime ;) .
Next, I drew the purple line through the crease, and I did a little flick at the end. 
 I used the darkest purple from the palette.
I didn't have a blue eye pencil to do the bottom water line, so I used my coral pencil as a base, and then I just popped a little bit of second darkest blue eyeshadow from the palette on it! 
And ta dahh, who need a pencil, if you have eyeshadows ;) They're all you need.
Now I drew a thin line very close to my water line, with the same purple eyeshadow, I used before.
Then I just did my "cat eye line" with a black eyeliner, did my eyelashes with mascara, and the eye make up is done :) 

Next I used Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, which I really love, but I'm afraid that the Bronzer is a bit too dark for me, as I'm super pale! Hopefully I can use it in the summer, when I'm tan ;)!

Last Elf product I used was the Shimmer Palette.
I used it in the inner corner of my eye, on my brow bone, and a little bit on my cheeks :)

 The make up is done! :)
Hope you like it guys.

Kinia xoxo

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