Thursday, 5 June 2014

Carmex - lips savior

I use lip balms, lip oils etc. quite a lot, as I can't stand my lips being dry or chapped. 
I have used many different lip balms in my life. Recently I've tried lip balm by Carmex, which is a brand that makes lip care and skin care products (Would love to try them all). 
The lip balms come in a little, yellow pot.
I must say, that the first time I tried it, I wasn't sure if I liked how it felt on my lips. It's because it smells and feels like the Vicks Rub! After couple of days of using it, I got used to it and now I actually like that feeling. It's transparent on lips but makes them look super smooth!! It's also available in cherry flavor, which I'd love to try.
I got 6 of them, and take them with me everywhere I go, I keep some at home and in my hand bags. I'm really happy with it, and I think it's the best lip balm I've ever used. I've reviewed a nice lip oil a while ago, and I thought it was great (still is) but this Carmex lip balms works even better!
It doesn't only work when it's on my lips. It also prevents my lips from being dry and chapped. 
It works absolutely fantastic!
This one is a Healing lip balm, but Carmex also sells Smoothing, Ultra Smooth,  and Protecting ones and they also sell tinted moisturisers. They all come in a stick, which some of you might like better, as you wouldn't have to use your fingers to apply it. They also are flavored. 
The Classic Carmex lip balm, costs only £2.60 and you can purchase it and the other lip care products here.

Kinia xoxo


  1. I bought cherry lip balm in tube (u put it the same as lipglosses in tube) about 2 years ago in the summer because I've heard a lot of good reviews on carmex and yeah that's true! it's amazing! it smells sooo gooood u could eat it haha, and it really works on your lips! too bad my dog has bitten mine :( and I couldnt find it in drugstore back then but I'll try to afford it as the summer is again coming on and my lips need some 'fix' after winter... I also must check out lipsmackers I've heard they're also quite good and more flavoured haha I wanna the one with cotton candy... because I've bought bubblegum and it doesnt smell like bubble gum but orbit chewing gum for kids... nice but not that what I was expecting.

  2. Love this balm. I was using in my morning and evening routine as I hate my lips being dry. Tried this and OMGOSH it's amazing. Now sits on my make up desk.

    1. I was skeptical at first, because I didn't know if I liked the cold feeling that it gives my lips, but now I can't go a day without using it! :) x