Thursday, 27 November 2014

Spectrum Brushes- 7 Piece Set

To achieve a perfect makeup, it's very important to use great quality brushes.
I've recently changed my brushes to these that I'm reviewing today. It's a 7 Piece Set by Spectrum Brushes.
They come in leather case that opens up in half and it's easily transformed into two brush holders. It's super useful when you travel a lot.
These brushes are purple and black and they look incredible! 
The brushes in the set are
- Eyebrow
- Eyeshadow
- Concealer
- Lip
- Blush
- Foundation
- Powder.
All the brushes in this set are very subtle and smooth, they're very good quality and they feel nice on skin when you apply makeup with them. None of the hair falls out of them and hopefully they will last me a long time.
      My favorite brush in the set is definitely the Eyebrow one. It's a thin, angled brush so using it will help you draw a precise line, and achieve the eyebrow shape you want to get.
     The Eyeshadow brush is also angled just like the Eyebrow one, but this one's bigger and thicker. The angle makes it super easy to apply the eyeshadow and also blend it in nicely, so there will be no harsh lines visible. For me, I think this brush works the best if I want to apply makeup in the inner or outer corner of my eyelid, it's also perfect for applying eyshadow in the crease. 
      I've got two Concealer brushes instead of a lip one, which I haven't even noticed until about a week of using them, so I hope the pictures doesn't concern you. If you buy it then you should get a normal set. I always apply concealer with my fingers. I find it way easier,  so I use the Concealer brushes for eyeshadows, but it's a great brush and will work perfectly with a concealer, I just don't use it for it. Therefore I have two extra eyshadow brushes. 
      Unfortunately, I didn't get the Lip brush in my set, so I can't really review it, but I'm just going to tell you that it's a thin round brush. As it's a tiny brush, I think it would make applying lipstick on your lips perfectly. 
     The Blush powder is perfect if you just want to pop a bit of colour on your cheek, and using this brush will make it look very subtle.
     I've always been using a flat Foundation brush, so this was the first time I ever used this type of brush. I must say it was a huge change because they're so different and you apply your foundation in a different way. After using it for a few days, I really got used to it and I actually love it! You can blend the foundation in really well with this brush and it works perfectly with any type of foundations and tinted mouisturisers. 
   Last but not least is the Powder brush. I think it's a great brush. It's big and round so you can just lightly dust powder over foundation with, helping you achieve more natural look. 

This gorgeous set is worth buying and for such great quality brushes it's really affordable, as it costs only £24.99! 
Kinia xoxo


  1. Great pictures! These brushes sound fantastic :) I love the fact they don't shed, shedding brushes are so annoying! Lovely review :)

  2. ooh the colours of those brushes is really unique! they sound great, too

    from helen at

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