Saturday, 1 November 2014

Princess for a day! | OOTD

It's November! It's crazy how time flies, and yes even though it's autumn, and this dress from Get The Label that I'm wearing might be more suitable for summer, it's so pretty that I think it's perfectly fine to wear it to some events, and family parties even now :) 
The neckline is very unique. The top corner sides are see-through, so even though the dress is built up right to the neck which will give you more stability and everything will stay in place, it makes the neckline look like it's more open so that the dress looks more fun. It also has a beautiful line of sequins going on the edge of the neckline.

I'm also wearing gorgeous nude wedges from Boohoo which are 18 cm high, but they're very comfortable and you can walk easily in them without breaking a leg. They have a bow attached in the front, making it look super cute, so you can even wear normal jeans a tank top with them, and you will look amazing.


  1. Wow, that dress is beautiful! and the shoes are so cute too! :)

    JJ x