Friday, 24 October 2014

Primping With The Stars | Benefit

Hi there! Today I'm reviewing yet another palette! I've been loving so many palettes lately so I just have to blog about them :)
Using this "Primping with the Starts" kit by Benefit, you will make your face look naturally glowy and flawless and you will achieve a perfect base for your makeup with these key products: 

* They're Real! - Mascara 3.0g
This mascara with a flexible, plastic wand works good, but I'm not super impressed with it. I like when mascara gives my lashes volume and texture and I just feel like this one just doesn't really do it and it doesn't separates my lashes too well. But after all it's a good, long-lasting mascara.
  • * Stay Don’t Stray - Primer for concealers & eyeshadows 2.5ml
  • First when I got this kit I thought was a concealer but it's actually not. It's a really great product, which you use a primers for eyeshadows and concelears and I think that it works really well! Since I've started using it, I can tell that my makeup stay on perfectly for longer than usual, and I don't have to re-do my concealer t I did before, I just do apply it in the morning, and it makes my concealer (and eyeshadow) still look great when I come back from work and stay perfect till late! Fantastic product. 
  • * Benetint - Rose-tinted lip & cheek stain 4.0ml
  • Benetint is a rose tinted stain for lips and chicks. It looks adorable, the packaging reminds me of a nail polish, as you apply this product with a brush like the ones in nail polishes. It's a nice berry colour, which I think would look amazing on someone with a nice tan. However, I like to just pop a bit of it on my chicks, and maybe slightly on my lips, but if I put too much then I might end up looking too pale!
  • * Some Kind-a Gorgeous - The foundation fake 2.5ml.
  • This matte foundation fake comes in the kit in a medium shade. It's a very light, creamy mousse texture. The coverage is alright but if you want more coverage then you could just use some concealer. I think this foundation will leave your skin looking very natural and matte.
  • * Girl Meets Pearl - Liquid pearl for face 7.5ml
  • This liquid pearl for face has a nice fruity scent and looks amazing. I personally like to use it as a highlighter on my cheek bones and my brow bones. It's a light pearly colour and it's such a light product that will give your skin a natural glow. It's also non sticky and super easy to apply. I think I might get addicted to it :) 
  • * The POREfessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores 7.5ml
  • I don't have many pores but it works amazing on some that I have on my skin. It works like an airbrush. It blends in amazing with my skin and once I apply it on my face, it makes my pores almost none existent and I don't even see this product on my skin which is amazing. I've never actually tried a product like that before as like I said before, I don't have many pores. 

This palette is a bit bigger then the other Benefit one that I reviewed in one of my latest posts, but the products are tiny! I think that the ones that might last me long are Benetint, The POREfessional and Girl Meets Pearl, as these aren't the products that I would use daily and they're the biggest ones. I personally would want the foundation packaging to be a bit bigger, as I might go through it fast! 
Even though these products are small, the quality of them is amazing and I think that Benefit makes amazing makeup, just maybe a bit too expensive sometimes.

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Kinia xoxo


  1. I absolutely love the benefit kits! I have a face one :)

  2. I love Benefit make-up - not only is it actually good quality, it comes in lovely decorative packaging which is half the fun really! I've followed you on GFC and Bloglovin because you blog is fab! If you like mine, maybe do the same if you'd like? (I'm just starting out in the bloggersphere at the moment!)
    Blog love!

  3. Such a lovely little kit, these would make amazing gifts!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. Love benefit kits, really helps you decide if you love the product before buying it full size.

    Tasha xxx