Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Helen E | Stage Matte Mousse Foundation

I have always been pretty neutral about mousse foundations. I think that the best way to apply it is with your fingers, so it can get messy and I like everything to be clean. That's probably the reason I don't use them too often. The last time I used one was probably a few years ago. 
Mousse foundations are oil-free, which is great for my oily skin. I also like the textures of them. The one I'm showing you today is a Stage Matte Mousse foundation by Helen E Cosmetics in Hepburn, which is the darkest shade. I always get my foundations in one of the lightest shades, but this time I got it sent to me to review it, so I didn't get to choose the shade I want. I got tanned lately so I made this foundation shade go nicely with my skin tone. The packaging is really nice and simple, although I think I'd like it better if the pot was glass not plastic. 
This mousse foundations stays on for hours, so you can go out with your friends without worrying about re-doing your makeup. Now, the coverage isn't that big. You can still see all the freckles etc, so it's pretty natural. I think it's just perfect for summer, when you don't want to go out completely makeup free, but you don't want to have layers of thick makeup on either. It's very light, long-lasting and oil-free, making it perfect for this time of the year. When I want a slightly more coverage still using this foundation, I just put some more concealer on. I use concealer with it anyway, as I have uneven skin tone, and I wouldn't feel good without it, but I'm sure other girls can use this foundation on it's own. It also blends in amazing, without leaving any awkward lines. 
I'd definitely purchase this mousse foundation again, just maybe a shade or two lighter. 
You can purchase it here for £15.00.

If you've ever tried this mousse foundation or any other Helen E products, then tell me in comments what you think about them x

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  1. great post ,really like it:)
    keep in touch xoxo

  2. Great post, I used the Bobbi Brown extra repair foundation before and was impressed, but your one looks fab