Thursday, 15 January 2015

Collection- Lip Butters Range

        The best way to cheer ourselves up during this, well not the best and not so colourful weather is to put a nice lipstick on! I'm one of those girls who feel instantly better when I'm wearing a nice lipstick!
         Lately, I've been loving these 4 lipsticks from Lip Butter range from Collection. I'm a huge fan of lip crayons, and there are quite a lot of them on the market right now. A lot of them are very pricey but if you would like to try affordable and good quality ones then you should definitely go of the ones that I'm reviewing today. 
           In this range you can find 2 nude colour ones and 2 bold ones. My OCD tells me to start from number 1-4 but I decided to review them by shades, from lightest to the darkest one, so I'm going to start with the lightest one.
           As you can see from the pictures, nude lipsticks are my favourite and I used these ones a lot. The lightest lipstick in this range is number 2 and it's in shade "Cappuccino". It has looks like a light brown colour but it's beige on lips. I think it's such a great colours with pink under tones. I love using this colour when I go for darker eye makeup. 
         Another nude is number 3 in "Vintage Rose". If you do swatches on hands than it might look very bright and bold, that's why I'm always skeptical about doing swatches on hands, yet I did them as the colours look so nice! (P.S. In my opinion, the best way to do swatches is to apply lipstick on your finger tips as it's the same colour as your lips). This colour is probably my favourite colour from this range. If I want to put a lipstick on but I don't want to go for anything bright, then this shade is perfect. It gives your lips some colour, yet looks so natural. It's a gorgeous peachy shade, and looks very subtle on lips. 
       Time to talk about (as I call them) the bolds! One of them is a super bright pink, number 1 in "Popping Pink"! I absolutely love pink lipsticks but I don't wear them often enough. I really love this colour and any pink lipsticks really, but I'm often not brave enough to wear them...especially in the winter time, that's why I'm keeping this one for summer. It's a neony colour, super bright and very pigmented. If you don't want very bright lips then you can pop a bit of this lip butter on, and just smudge it all of over lips. This will give you some colour but it won't look extremely bright.
        Last, but not least is the darkest shade number 4 in "Perfectly Plum". It's a dark plum lipstick. I love plum lipsticks more than red ones, so If I want to look very elegant and to wear a bold lipstick, I usually go for plums. It's actually more of a cherry plum than purple. Its such a warm colour. I think it would look great on any skin tone. Every girl can rock this colour! This is yet another bold lipstick that I don't wear often enough. I tend to wear them for special occasions. 
        Each of these lip butters cost only £2.50 and you can buy them here! Such a huge bargain for such good quality and long lasting lipsticks. The whole range would cost you only £10.00, which is less than you would pay for 1 from a different brand. 

Hope you enjoyed my review! 
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Kinia xoxo


  1. I love the look of these - can't believe how cheap they are as they actually look pretty pigmented! You're such a beaut too!

    Beth // Bethany Georgina

    1. I love Collection makeup! It's always great quality and so affordable! And thank you xx

  2. All four colours look amazing on you! I really like Perfect Plum and Capuccino, and I love how pigmented they all are!

    The Naily Mail

    Lauren x

  3. You are so gorgeous! Can't believe the price of these - what a bargain! Gorgeous photography too, love the cupcakes!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. Aww thanks so much! Yeh, their products are always super affordable! Love them x