Thursday, 28 November 2013

Little Miss Sunshine

I love colours, I never wear black, in fact the only black things in my wardrobe is my onesie and 1 leather shirt.
Colours make me feel better, make me happy and positive.
Well...maybe I wouldn't wear any neon clothes, or too many bright colours at once...because I wouldn't want to look like a rainbow ;)
I wouldn't mix too many colourful clothes together either.

For this outfit I have chosen a very bright, yellow top with brownish print on it, so I decided to wear my military jacket with it, I think it looks awesome. 
These colours just go together and the jacket's military colour calms down the top.

I personally love to wear "smart" jackets with Jeans, it always look great and classy. 
I often wear heels or wedges with outfits like that, but if I don't want to look too smart or I'm going for a long walk, then I'm just going to wear some pretty flats!

Jacket : H&M
Blouse : H&M
Bag : Mango
Jeans : Zara
Dolly Shoes : Some small shop, I don't remember 
   the name of it...oopsie

Would love to know what you guys think about my outfit, so feel free to comment below.

Kinia x

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