Friday, 6 December 2013


Today, I got these amazing stuff from e.l.f. :
10 piece Professional Brushes & Beauty Book with 48 Everyday Eyeshadow Colors!
I've tried only couple colors so far, but I must say I already love them.
They're everyday colors so they're not bright, they're pretty neutral.
Even if you will put green/blue colors on, you will look very subtle!
The minute I got the Little Black Beauty Book I said that I'm gonna take it anywhere I go. It's super handy, basically it's a pockets size, and it also has a pretty big mirror built in and little eyeshadow sponge.
Brushes are great as well!
I can't wait to use it all, do some nice make up with it, and show you the results in posts!

Kinia x

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