Thursday, 25 September 2014

World Famous Neutrals | Benefit

We're already in yet another season, Fall.
Can't believe how fast the summer went!
So, as we're in Fall now, it's time to change makeup colours to less bright and colorful ones.
I really love nude makeup as you look very natural wearing it but it also gives your face some warm colours and just make you look more natural.
Lately I've been using this World Famous Neutrals by Benefit. 
It's an eyeshadow kit, with 2 mineral eyeshadows and 4 normal ones. All of them are perfect to create nude eye makeup. I have the kit called "Easiest Nudes Ever", which is a palette with a mix of peachy, gold and brown eyeshadows. There are also available 2 more palettes from this range, which are "Sexiest Nudes Ever"& "Most Glamorous Nudes Ever". The first one of these two contains shades of silver, purple and peach eyeshadows and it's perfect for a darker, night makeup, but the colours are very subtle. The last has a mix of gold, peach and brown eyeshadows, perfect to created a glowy eye look! They all come in the cutest little makeup book with attached mirror on the inside, and some great makeup tips! The World Famous Neutrals palette is perfect to carry round with you everywhere.  I think the one thing that's missing, and I would absolutely love it, is a little eyeshadow sponge. Then we would have everything we need in this little makeup book.
I wanted to show you how these eyeshadows looks like on a face so I decided to do them all in one eye makeup! Eventhough I used 6 eyeshadows, it doesn't look over done, and it still looks natural. 
Now, I'm going to tell you step by step how I created this look.
1. I put the mineral eyeshadow in 'r.s.v.p." all over the eyelid. The more layers you put, the brighter it will look. I did 3 layers.
2. Next step was putting the other mineral eyeshadow in "no pressure!" in the outer corner of the eye, and extending it out to the length of where your eyeliner will go.
3. As the "r.s.v.p." looks pink-ish on the eyelid, I thought it would go nicely with the other pink eyeshadow in "pinky swear" which I put in the inner corner of the eye.
4. The next colour I used was a light, shimmer brown in "thanks a latte". I put it on the bottom eyelid. I also love to use this shade on my eyebrows! It's such a perfect colour.
5. I made a line with the "quick, look busy" eyeshadow starting from the 1/3 of the bottom eyelid, and drawing it all the way to the end of the mineral eyeshadow.
6. Last but not least, I used the lightest colour in "call my buff" around my upper eyelid, to brighten the eye.

Tah-dah :) Oh and I also did a thin line with my black eyeliner.
Overall, I think it's a lovely palette, the colours are stunning, there's so much choice and you can created a lot of different eye makeups with just one palette.
It costs £23.50 and you can buy on Benefit website here.
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