Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hot Hair- synthetic ponytail

Hiya, today I'm showing you something I've never had on my blog before. A lot of girls often struggle with their hair. We want to have long her, then decide to cut them short, to then wanting to get back to having long hair again. I know it can take a lot of time for the hair to grow, so why not try a ponytail hair piece? The one I'm showing you today is by Hot Hair. It's no struggle to put on.
I got one in colour Swedish Blonde. There are 12colours to choose from, which is a lot, so I'm sure if you would like to get one yourself, you would find the perfect colour, to match your hair. 
This piece looks very natural, my friends were really surprised with how real it looked like. It's a huge plus as I know that so many hair pieces look so fake and the whole point in pieces like that is too look as natural as possible. This piece will not only give you length but if you already have long hair but need more volume, then this piece is perfect for you.
Putting it on, could not be any easier. 
First, you just have to do a ponytail. There are 3 pins attached underneath this synthetic pony tail that you put in your hair, under you bauble, making sure that it will stay in one place. There are also 2 more separate pins, that come with this ponytail. Next step is to just tie it round and when then tie it round again with the section of the pony tail that's left on the side to cover the velcro. That's all you have to do. How simple was that? 
It's a gorgeous, high quality hair piece, that I would recommend to everyone! 
You should check out Hot Hair website if you would be more interested in others hair pieces, there's a lot to choose from. 

This piece is really affordable as it costs only £24.00! You can purchase it here!

Kinia xoxo


  1. I've heard about this product before and it sounds really good! Looks amazing too :)

    1. It is :) I like it cause it actually looks like real hair x

  2. I wear clip in hair extensions daily and I always struggle to put my hair up in a pony tail without the clips showing. This is a really good idea x