Wednesday, 17 December 2014

PRADA Candy! I'm in love!

Hello sweetness!
I've had many beauty products/perfumes that was on my Christmas wish list this year, but on top of the list, the number 1 item was Prada Candy perfume! I wanted to get my hands on it since I first seen it in shops!
Since, I'm going to Poland for Christmas, and we can't take the presents with us, me and Sam decided to open one of our presents last night!
I was so happy that my present was the amazing Prada Candy! 
I don't usually review perfumes, because I can only show you the packaging, but as it's Christmas next week (how exciting!), I thought that it would make an ideal Christmas present, and maybe my review will make you want to put this perfume on your Christmas list.

Prada Candy comes in a gorgeous bottle in a bright pink colour with gold. The bottle is just gorgeous. Of course many people buy perfumes just because of the bottle. If the bottle looks very nice, then of course people will want to buy it. I instantly fell in love with the bottle. 
To use the spray, you need take the whole top of the perfume off, the top part including the pink stripe. With the bigger bottles, you just use the black pump instead, which is great.
As the name suggests, I knew it would smell very sweet and perfume scents like that are my favorite, so that's why I just needed to get it.
To me, it's a nice and girly scent. It's not over powering, like some perfumes can be. You can wear it any time, as it's sweet but very subtle. It's one of those scents that smell so nice, you could just eat it. I think, that this perfume smells similar to Juicy Couture "Viva La Juicy", just more subtle and not so spicy and strong. 
One of the top notes of this perfume is caramel which smells irresistible. 
It's a very sophisticated scent. 

There are 3 size bottles of this perfume available and a gift set, and the prices come from £40 to £76. You can find them in your local perfume shops and online.

Is this perfume candy on your Christmas list? I'd love to know what you think of it :)
Kinia xoxo

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