Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Barry M. Aquarium Collection


New Barry M. nail polish collection called "Aquarium" is absolutely fantastic!
There are two (mini) duo chrome collections : Gold tone ones, 
and blue tone ones, and they're like summer in a bottle.
4 colours are named after the Seas and two glittery ones have great, special names!

The blue tone ones remind me of water, and makes me want to go for a swim in the sea!
They look so much like the sea in an exotic countries. They almost smell like the sea ;)

The green toned one called "Arabian" reminds me of sea weed on a sunny day. That's probably no the best example, but doesn't it look like it? I think it's a gorgeous colour as well, and it goes amazing with grey clothes. I had a grey tee on when I was wearing this nail polish, and I loved it!

The blue one is called "Pacific" and the name speaks for itself. I really does look like Pacific ocean. It's so pretty and I think it might be my favorite colour from this collection!

The last blue toned one is called "Mermaid". How adorable is this name?? It's a transparent glittery nail polish in blue toned colours mixed with some gold ones. You can of course wear it with any colours but I think it looks the best if you wear it with the blue ones, cause then it will look like a sparkly water.

The first nail polish from the golden collection is called "Caspian", and to me it looks like golden sand. Such a pretty colour, but I think it looks better with a bit of glitter on.

The glittery one is called "Treasure Chest". How amazing is this name? I'm in love with it and this nail polish! is similar to the "Mermaid" one. It's a transparent glittery nail polish, but with golden glitter. It looks gorgeous on nails.

Last but not least. "Mediterranean" one is a copper colour, and it looks like a sunrise!
I like all the pink, red and orange nail polish colours, but I'm not too keen on metalic ones to be honest, so this one is my least favorite from  "Aquarium" collection.  I like it, just don't love it.

You can get this whole collection here for only £3.99 each. 

Kinia xoxo


  1. These are so gorgeous, I swatched this recently and absolutely love them! So pretty :) xx

  2. They are really pretty!! I love the blue ones. Are they only available in mini size?
    Lovely review hun!! Nails look gorgeous!!!

  3. I love the blue ones as well! And I'm not sure hun, I don't think so.
    Thank you :) xx

  4. Gorgeous shades, Arabian in particular is stunning :)
    xxx Claire