Friday, 25 April 2014


Hi there, beauties!

Today, I have some nice body products to show you.
These two products : body lotion and body wash are from Salonniere by Jenny Packham.
I've never heard either of Salonniere or Jenny Packham. I probably would if I was British, but unfortunately I don't.
I think they look and smell very luxurious! They have rose extracts in them so they smell very girly. I like a nice packaging as well and this one is gorgeous!

Texture of this body lotion is pretty thick and very creamy but also very delicate. It makes my skin feel super hydrated and soft after using it.
It's one of those body lotions that make you feel very nice, and luxurious .

How amazing is this body wash? You might see a bit of it's colour, if you can't then I'm gonna tell you. It's glittery and gold! It looks super pretty! I've never had any glittery body lotions. It's so gorgeous! It makes my skin feel super nice and soft. 
I like the rosy smell of it, the texture...the packaging! It has the whole package. 

I can't really say anything bad about these products. I like most of the body lotions, body washes etc. and I think these are great!
Now, I'm not sure if you can buy it separately, as I won it, and I looked it up and I think it's only available in Christmas sets in Boots. Have a look here.
I had to tell you about it anyway, cause I really like it, maybe some of you got it for Christmas? You can tell me what you think of it in comments :)

Kinia xoxo

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